Chapman Schnauzers

Breeding the Type of Schnauzer We Like to Keep!

Welcome to Chapman Schnauzers, located in the sunny state of Arizona, right on the boarder of Gilbert and Queen Creek! Here, through our selective breeding we strive to raise quality Miniature Schnauzers in all of the beautiful and unique colors they come in. We have a small in home breeding program with only a handful of dogs. We aren't about quantity so we are able to dedicate time to each and every puppy we have. We do this because we love the schnauzer breed and the joy they bring to our lives and the happiness their puppies brings to others. 

We breed and raise Schnauzers that have the best in temperament, coat, conformation, are mentally stimulated and properly socialized from the very beginning. All of our adults have been raised from puppies in our home and live here with us. Their puppies are born under our roof and are raised in our family until they go to there new homes. Our dogs DO NOT live in a kennel. We take them on walks with us, rides in the car, play with our nephews, and occasionally if they're really good get to sleep on the bed!

All our dogs are pure bred Miniature Schnauzers, all registered with the AKC(American Kennel Club). We breed dogs that not only meet our requirements in temperament and conformation but come from breeding stock of the same standard. Our dogs all come from great breeding like Music Makers, Texas T, Lonestar, Cartmell, Alpats, Arkansa and Oklahoma Lines. We pick our breeding dogs off of the conformation and build of their parents because the genetics our puppies doesn't just come from the traits of their parents but their grand parents as well.
We breed and raise the type of dogs we want our puppies to grow up to be. All our adult schnauzers from puppyhood are taught to walk correctly on a leash, ride calmly in a car, potty trained, socialized well with small kids (our son), take trips to the Pets Smart to get accustom to loud noises, different smells, and other dogs, they are handled A LOT so that they are calm and comfortable when being held and being on there backs, we practice pulling on muzzle, ears, legs, coat, and tail so they are comfortable with children and being groomed. This is how OUR Schnauzers are raised so they are calm and well tempered and pass that on through example to their puppies.
Our puppies start being socialized right after birth. Every day they are handled, we practice moving there muzzle up and down, opening their mouth, and holding them on their backs in there air. These exercises create a puppy that at 8 weeks is not afraid to be picked up and handled and is use to having it's head and mouth played with. This helps prepare them for easy heart worm administration and homes with young children. Puppies not adopted after 9 weeks continue to be raised in the same manor as our adults. All of our puppies at 3 to 4 days old have their tails docked and dewclaws removed by our vet, ears are left natural (not cropped). They come to their new homes after having a vet examination, microchip, and will be up to date on vaccinations, freshly bathed and groomed with our puppy pack. Chapman Schnauzers reserves the right to refuse the adoption of any of our puppies. We don't sell to pet stores or puppy mills.

We are here to help you find your future companion and to assist and help in any way you need. Don't hesitate to call, text, or email for more information about our dogs or with questions or concerns. Are goal is to make you and your puppy happy.
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